Weakened U.S. Dollar brings cosmetic patients Stateside

With the U.S. dollar continuing its decline against the Euro and Bristish pound, the United States has become a big bargain for European travelers, particulalry for higher-priced items – and that includes COSMETIC SURGERY.

While hard figures are hard to come by on just how many are coming and how much the cosmetic traffic has risen since the dollar began its descent, U.S. based cosmetic surgeons say they have witnessed a substantial uptick in foreign patient in recent years.

“I dont’ know exactly how many, but there is usually at least one patient per week having surgery from out of the country” – says Dr. Sam Gershenbaum.

We are seeing patients from around the world, particularly from the middle east and the U.K.

Lots of ‘walk-in’ traffic for same day, non-invasive procedures such as Botox, Facial Fillers, Laser Hair Removal.

Beatrice Zuluaga

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