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We can’t tell you which one of these supermodels is Dr. Gershenbaum’s patient…. can you guess which one it is..??

Dr. Gershenbaum Hogan Knows Best

Andrea Mejtova

Video Testimonial

Madlena Kalinova

“I know many people he has worked on in the fashion industry, and they are so happy with their results…some really in the spot light, and no one would ever know. Dr. Gershenbaum’s results are so natural. a true artist. I’m so happy that I found him.”

Sabrina Vaz

Melissa Britos

Video Testimonial

Raquel Louise Mains

“Thank you Dr.Gershenbaum, you have an extraordinary gift. You were born to do that you do.  I would also like to thank your staff for their warm welcome and attention to detail”

Richard Gaspari

Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders

Tami Donaldson

Ossy Slettman

Past Playmates

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