The REAL deal about SMARTLIPO!

Last week I attended the Baker & Gordon Plastic Surgery Symposium in Miami Beach. It is one of the largest cosmetic surgery conferences in the world where hundreds of plastic surgeons from around the world come.

The real study and conclusions on SMARTLIPO are the same as it was last year at this same conference.

They found no evidence and no added results in using laser assisted liposuction. They showed that it did not created skin contractions as they said it would and no better results using laser assisted liposuction know n commonly as SMARTLIPO. If fact, there is potentially an increase in complications using a laser in fat under the skin. It has been carefully demonstrated that the claims of being less invasive and having quicker recovery are not true. What was stated at this impressive cosmetic surgery symposium is what I have been saying all along “SMARTLIPO? = “SMART advertising”, nothing more.

Smart advertising has fooled people into thinking that it is the technology producing wonderful results, as if the laser or ultrasound magically melts away unwanted fat to produce eloquent contours and silhouettes. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I would even venture to say that anyone who is using/advertising SMARTLIPO is either more interested in marketing and advertising to get your attention, your dollar or they are not really skilled in liposuction.

The bottom line? Your results in liposuction/liposculpture do not depend on the technology of a laser, ultrasound or water assisted cannula, but rather the aesthetic eye, hands and skill of the sculpting surgeon.


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