Plastic Surgery Societies Issue Warning About Increased Risks Associated with Brazilian Butt Lifts

Plastic Surgery Societies Issue Warning About Increased Risks Associated with Brazilian Butt Lifts as reported by Press Release posted in Cosmetic Medicine Aug 13, 2018 and the International Journal Of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine.

Brazilian Butt Lift, a marketing name given to the procedure for liposculpture, fat harvesting and fat transfer to the buttocks has resulted in a mortality rate estimated to be as high as 1 in 3000. This is a death rate that far exceeds that seen with other cosmetic procedures.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has reported an estimate of 20,300 Brazilian Butt Lifts in 2017. The number of Brazilian butt lifts have more than doubled in the last five years and this trend continues. . The number one cause of death from this procedure is fat embolism. There are a number of studies ongoing to evaluate the causes of complications and deaths from this procedure as well as how to prevent the same.

Dr Gershenbaum attended the Baker Gordon Symposium on Plastic Surgery this past Feburary, 2018 in which this very topic was reviewed. According to the studies discussed at the Symposium, it was determined that ALL deaths from fat embolism were found to happen ONLY when fat was transferred into the muscular planes. It was revealed that fat can enter one of these larger veins in the muscle when inadvertently damaged by a liposuction cannula. That is not to say that fat embolism occurs every time fat is transferred into the depths of the muscle, however, this does markedly elevate this deadly complication rate. Hence, it was strongly recommended that fat only be transferred above the muscle. Results from liposuction and fat transfer above the muscle have been shown to be as wonderful and just as effective. Dr Gershenbaum only transfers fat above the muscle in his Brazilaian Butt Lifts, following these recommendations. His many satisfied patients and wonderful reviews about Dr Gershenbaum’s Brazilian Butt Lift results attest to his safe and satisfying results.

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