Lip Enhancements

Lip Enhancement / Augmentation / Lip Fillers

Lip enhancement, including injectable fillers and augmentation with implants, can change the size and shape of lips, increasing fullness and overall appearance and feel. With the use of safe injectables like Restylane®, JUVEDERM™, and fat injections, Dr. Gershenbaum is one of the best Miami lip enhancement doctors that can create the highly desired pouty, sexy lips. Lip enhancement with injectables must be repeated in time because the body will eventually absorb the injected substance. These non-surgical lip enhancements are convenient because normal activities can be resumed immediately. More permanent lip enhancement procedures include fat augmentation and dermal grafts. These are minor surgical procedures, however, several days may be necessary for swelling to subside.

To discuss your options for lip enhancement or augmentation, contact Dr. G at Brickell’s Riverfront Surgery Center.


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