Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Gummy Bear Breast Implants

About Gummy Bear Breast Implants

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, of the 1.7 million plastic surgery procedures performed in 2015, nearly 300,000 were breast augmentations (breast implant surgery); Consequently, breast augmentation remains the most popular kind of plastic surgery performed in the United States.

Breast Implants Available at Dr. Sam Gershenbaum’s Cosmetic Surgery Center Located in Miami

At Dr. G’s Miami Cosmetic Surgery Center, saline breast implants are available in various sizes, textures and shapes. Although saline breast implants are available upon request, Dr. Sam Gershenbaum prefers to use the innovative, cohesive-gel silicone breast implants when he performs a breast augmentation at his center in Miami.

Cohesive-Gel Breast Implants Are Available in Miami

Continued research in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery has allowed for the creation of breast implants that appear more natural looking than ever. The newest generation of breast implants is a cohesive-gel implant that, due to its consistency, is frequently referred to as the ‘gummy bear’ breast implant. Other names commonly used for this type of implant include ‘form-stable’ and ‘cohesive-gel’ implants. Gummy bear breast implants were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on February 21, 2013.

The form-stable silicone breast implants that Dr. Sam Gershenbaum uses at his center in located in Miami consist of medical grade silicone. Furthermore, silicone (and saline) breast implants do not interfere with a woman’s ability to breastfeed, have mammograms, ultrasounds or breast biopsies, etc.

The Consistency of Form-Stable Breast Implants

While silicone and saline breast implants have been used for years, gummy bear breast implants offer women an exciting option. Gummy bear implants contain a soft-solid silicone gel. The consistency of this soft-solid silicone gel resembles that of the gummy bear candy, hence their nickname. If a gummy bear is cut in half, it maintains its shape – the same is true for these implants.

Benefits of Gummy Bear Implants

Although gummy bear implants are available in a variety of shapes, Dr. Gershenbaum prefers to use the round implant. By using the round implant, concerns related to shifting of an asymmetrical implant that leads to a malformed looking breast are avoided.

Other benefits of these implants include:

  • The strength of the cohesive-gel silicone implants’ internal structure reduces the likelihood of rippling. Moreover, due to their design, these implants maintain a normal body temperature.
  • Gummy bear breast implants keep their original shape, which provides women with a more natural-looking, long-lasting result.
  • Due to their thickness, the probability of breakage is greatly reduced. In addition, should a break occur the implant’s consistency prevents leakage.
  • These cohesive-gel silicone implants provide women with firmer, fuller breasts
  • Less scar tissue occurs with cohesive-gel implants. It is believed this is due to the firmness of the implant and/or less diffusion of the silicone.
  • Breast implants that are filled with liquid can harden when they are overfilled; however, this is of no concern with gummy bear breast implants.
  • Due to its distinct shape, the breast will conform to a gummy bear breast implant (as opposed to the other way around).
  • Gummy bear breast implants do not shift, which makes folds less likely.

Breast Implant Placement Options

Although Dr. Gershenbaum can place a breast implant beneath the pectoralis muscle (chest muscle) or above the pectoralis muscle, his preferred placement is beneath the muscle. While the risk of capsular contracture (hardening of the tissues that surround a breast implant) is already low, Dr. G prefers submuscular placement because it reduces the incidence rate of capsular contracture even more. In addition, the risk factor of capsular contracture falls even lower for women who choose to have a breast augmentation with gummy bear breast implants.

Who Should Consider Gummy Bear Breast Implants in Miami?

Women who are good candidates for a cohesive-gel implant must also be good candidates for a breast augmentation procedure. Potential patients need to live a healthy lifestyle that does not include smoking (at least directly before and after surgery). In addition, patients should be able to withstand anesthesia and have no current infections. Women who are interested in a breast augmentation with gummy bear breast implants cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding when seeking this type of operation. To ensure that the breast tissue is fully formed, women who want cohesive-gel breast implants must be at least 22-years-old at the time of their procedure.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants Surgery – The Initial Consultation with Dr. G at His Office in Miami

When patients arrive at Dr. Gershenbaum’s Cosmetic Surgery Center, they need to be ready to discuss why they would like a breast augmentation. In addition, patients need to provide Dr. Gershenbaum with specifics related to their medical history, lifestyle choices, medications and allergies, etc. It is important to note that ensuring the best augmentation results possible requires that patients are completely candid with Dr. G during their initial consultation.

Dr. G needs to know about:

  • Previous medical treatments and/or surgeries the patient has had.
  • All prescription medications the patient takes. Patients need to bring a list of their medications with them to their initial consultation. On this list, patients need to include the reason for the medication, dosage amount and the number of times the medications are taken each day. Over-the-counter medications, vitamins and/or herbal supplements the patient takes should also be included on the list.
  • Allergies to medications and/or latex.
  • Her lifestyle choices related to smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and/or recreational drug use. Patients who smoke must quit smoking for some time prior to and after their breast augmentation. This is important because smoking delays healing by reducing the amount of oxygen in the blood.

In relation to the patient’s medication, herbal supplement and vitamin consumption: Accuracy related to this area is extremely important because certain drugs, herbal supplements and vitamins can increase bleeding during the surgical procedure. Therefore, patients may be required to discontinue taking certain products prior to their breast augmentation with gummy bear breast implants in Miami. Dr. Gershenbaum provides his patients with a list of products and foods that need to be avoided for at least 2 weeks prior to and 2 weeks after any surgical procedure.

If the patient decides that a breast augmentation with gummy bear breast implants (or saline breast implants) is right for her, Dr. Gershenbaum will discuss his recommendations. He will also address any potential risk factors or complications related to the breast augmentation procedure.

Choosing a Gummy Bear Breast Implant Size

Attaining the desired aesthetic result requires choosing the correct implant size. During the initial consultation, Dr. G will carefully measure the distance between the nipple and the inframammary crease. He will also measure the width of the breast. Dr. Gershenbaum will examine the thickness of the patient’s skin and her subcutaneous tissue. Once he has completed the measurements and examination, he will recommend the breast implant sizes that he believes will give the patient a natural-looking result. Ultimately, the patient makes the final decision.

Customized Breast Augmentation Surgery with Gummy Bear Implants in Miami

At our cosmetic surgery center, we know that each of our patients is unique; therefore, after every initial consultation, Dr. G creates his patients a customized breast augmentation surgery plan.

Preparing for a Breast Augmentation at Dr. Gershenbaum’s Cosmetic Surgery Center

  • Patients need to stop smoking cigarettes for at least 4 weeks prior to and 4 weeks after any surgical procedure.
  • Prior to surgery, patients may need to have a baseline mammogram. An identical mammogram may also need to be performed following a breast augmentation with Dr. Gershenbaum.
  • Patients must discontinue taking the medications, vitamins and/or herbal supplements that are included on Dr. G’s list. All patients must speak with Dr. Gershenbaum and possibly the prescribing providers prior to discontinuing any of their prescription medications.
  • The day of their surgery, patients will need to bring a driver with them to Dr. G Cosmetic Surgery Center located in Miami. Making these arrangements early on is recommended.
  • Dr. Gershenbaum asks his patients to find someone they trust to stay with them for the night following their breast augmentation (if possible, longer).
  • Patients need to inform their employers of the upcoming surgery. Scheduling changes should be made ahead of time.
  • If patients have small children and/or pets, they need to ask someone they trust to care for them as they recover from their breast augmentation with gummy bear breast implants in Miami.

Creating an At-Home Recovery Center Before a Breast Implant Surgery with Gummy Bear Implants

Following a breast augmentation at our surgery center that is located in Miami, patients need to remain sitting upright for a few days. Therefore, patients should consider creating an area to recover in their living room. A recliner makes a great alternative to a bed. If a patient must remain in her bedroom, she needs to place several pillows behind her back.

Patients should not bend, which is why everything they need must be elevated on a table. Patients can use a side table, nightstand or TV tray to keep the items they need elevated and within easy reach.

Items That Should Be Readily Available in the Recovery Area

  • Facial tissues
  • Baby wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Medications
  • Beverages, including water
  • Fruits and vegetables for snacking (ready to eat)
  • Telephone/Cell phone and charger (already plugged in and placed on the table)
  • Remote controls (extra batteries)
  • 2 small garbage cans (one for garbage and the other in case of nausea that leads to vomiting)
  • Extra pillows and throws

Patients should purchase loose, oversized clothing that will not rub the chest area or put pressure on the breasts. Patients will not be permitted to raise their arms above their heads, therefore, patients need to choose tops that have buttons or zippers. Placing these clothing items on a raised surface (table or counter top) prior to the breast augmentation will prevent the need to reach or bend.

What Patients Should Expect on the Day of the Procedure

Patients should arrive at our center with their licensed driver.


All patients receive medications prior to their procedure. These medications are designed to keep the patient comfortable throughout her breast augmentation surgery. Medication options include general anesthesia and IV sedation, both of which are administered by a licensed anesthesiologist. With general anesthesia, patients go into a deep sleep; whereas, with IV sedation, patients are placed in a twilight-type sleep. This twilight sleep can be reversed quickly once the procedure is complete.

A Breast Augmentation with Gummy Bear Implants – The Procedure

1. Creating the Incision

Dr. Gershenbaum generally places the incision for a form-stable breast implant within the inframammary fold (which is the crease at the base of the breast). Due to its consistency, the gummy bear implant usually requires a slightly longer incision than a saline breast implant does. Proper incision placement ensures that the resulting scars remain well-hidden within the breast’s natural crease.

2. Inserting and Positioning the Gummy Bear Breast Implant

Once the incision is made, Dr. G can use a specialized funnel to place both saline and silicone implants. This funnel method allows him to place the larger silicone implants through just a slightly larger incision. Although Dr. Gershenbaum prefers to place breast implants submuscularly, implant placement is ultimately determined by each patient’s physical characteristics, pectoral muscle movement as well as the size gummy bear implant she desires.

3. Closing the Breast Tissue

Dr. G uses a layering technique to bring the breast tissue together. Using this layered technique creates the newly shaped breasts and provides them with additional support.

4. Closing the Incisions

Surgical tape, skin adhesive and/or sutures are used to close the outer incision. Patients should expect to see the incision lines early on; however, as time passes these lines fade.

5. Placing the Drains (When Applicable)

Once Dr. G is pleased with the way the breast implants look, he may choose to place drains in each breast. These drains keep excess fluid from accumulating, which reduces inflammation.

6. Bandages and a Support Bra are Applied to the Patient’s Chest

Directly following her breast implant surgery, the patient’s breasts are bandaged and placed in a support bra.

7. Recovering from Breast Implant Surgery in Miami

On occasion, Dr. G will keep a patient overnight. However, Dr. Gershenbaum usually releases his patients to their driver several hours after their breast implant surgery is complete.

Proper After-Care is Essential

Prior to being released to go home, patients receive instructions related to caring for their incisions and drains (when applicable). All of the information included in their after-care instructions is designed to help patients avoid complications, experience as comfortable a recovery as possible and monitor their healing.

At-Home Recovery

  • After leaving the surgery center, patients need to head home and rest for approximately 48 hours.
  • Patients should expect to experience a feeling of constant pressure in the breast area.
  • To remain comfortable during this initial phase of recovery, patients should take their medications as prescribed.
  • Most patients can discontinue their pain medications within 2 to 3 days of their procedure. At this point, the majority of these patients can resume some light activity.
  • For the next three weeks, patients will most likely be restricted from performing certain movements: Needing assistance with household tasks during this time is probable.

Follow-Up Appointments in Miami

Keeping follow-up appointments with Dr. G at his surgical suite in Miami is essential. At these follow-up appointments, Dr. Gershenbaum will remove the patient’s bandages, support bra and drains. He will also remove the sutures and examine her incisions.

Dr. Sam Gershenbaum and his staff are dedicated to providing their patients, who reside in Miami and its surrounding communities, with the high-quality care they deserve. Dr. G is an experienced, award-winning, plastic and reconstructive surgeon. If you are interested in learning more about gummy bear breast implants, any other plastic surgery and/or cosmetic rejuvenation procedures available at Dr. G Cosmetic Surgery Center, please contact our Miami office today at 305.933.1838 or use our online contact form.

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