Breast Asymmetry Correction

Correction Breast Asymmetry

As with many women, being self conscious about breast asymmetry is quite common. The fact of the matter is that a woman’s breasts are never identical in size and/or shape. However, if the asymmetry is enough to cause stress or embarrassment, it may be time to look into making a change!

Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery Overview

Breasts can be noticeably asymmetrical in size, shape due to varying amounts of fat and glandular tissues, skin quality, location of the inframammary crease from one side to the other, as well as from the underlying boney structure. The nipples could be in different locations or be different sizes as well. Asymmetry can be from acquired issues like pregnancy and breast feeding to developmental differences such as size and shape of the rib cage from one side to the other.

Having two different sized breasts can complicate buying a bra, shirts, dresses and many other items. Some women simply dress in a manor to hide the problem. Severe breast asymmetry has led to loss of self esteem and hindered interpersonal relationships. The good news is that no one has to live with breast asymmetry, as there are multiple options available to correct this problem.

Breast Asymmetry Consultation

Treatment options are best explored with Dr Gershenbaum during a personal consultation. In order to understand what breast asymmetry correction surgery can do, the initial consultation is extremely important to review one’s medical history, their goals and expectations as well as build mutual trust. Numerous before and after photos are reviewed. The choices for correction are carefully explained and the alternatives discussed. The breasts are examined to ensure that expectations can be met as well as to review the surgical plans and the incision/scar placement. Understand that each patient has different breast contours and sizes, reasons for their asymmetry and different expectations and requests.

Understand, that there are generally different options in correction of the breast asymmetry. One woman may choose one way and another woman may choose another way to correct the same exact problem. For instance, when breasts are two different sizes, one woman may choose to match the smaller breast, while another woman may choose to match the larger breast. One woman may choose to use an implant to make the beast larger, while another woman may choose to use fat transfer for enlarging the breast. There are many options to consider in correcting breast asymmetry and Dr Gershenbaum will review all of the options, review the pros and cons of each option to allow for the best possible decision. Again stated, a complete evaluation reviewing expectations and physical examination is needed to determine the best choice of procedures for each individual patient.

It is also important to understand that breasts are naturally not symmetrical. Every effort is made to make the breasts symmetrical and as close as possible to the desired size. However, no guarantees as to the exact size, shape or symmetry can be made by any surgeon. Prospective patients are encouraged to speak with previous patients about their surgery and results. Dr. Gershenbaum and his staff are always available for questions. Following the initial consultation and after appropriate time for reflection and decision making, an appointment is scheduled for routine preparation and informed consent. Additional questions and concerns may also be addressed. Routine blood analysis, a mammogram and medical clearance is required prior to any surgery.

Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery

This surgical procedure is generally performed in our state-of-the-art out patient facility under general anesthesia. Local anesthesia with intravenous sedation may also be used in certain circumstances. Depending on which technique is used, the actual surgical procedure may take anywhere from two to five hours. While standing, lines of incisions and the remainder of the surgical plan is outlined on the breasts. After speaking with the anesthetist/anesthesiologist the patient is brought to the operating room. After asleep, local nerve blocks combined with a medication that shrinks blood vessels and capillaries to reduce any bleeding are instilled.

The actual surgical procedure will vary greatly depending on the surgical plan. With breast asymmetry, it may be that one breast is being made larger, which may be accomplished by either a breast implant or by fat transfer. If a breast is required to be made smaller, it may be accomplished by either a breast reduction or perhaps by liposuction alone. It may be necessary to perform a breast lift on one or both sides as well, understanding that several options exist in choosing which type of breast lift procedure. Adjustment of the size and location of the nipple areolar complex may also be required in some instances. It is possible that only one breast has a procedure performed, and times where both breasts require surgery. One or both breast may require only one procedure and other times where the breasts require multiple procedures to obtain the best shape and symmetry. Following surgery a light dressing and a support bra are applied. Breast asymmetry after a previous breast augmentation is discussed under breast implant correction / revision.

Breast Asymmetry Correction Recovery

Following the surgery patients generally report mild to moderate discomfort which is easily controlled with medication. Depending on the procedure, or combination of procedures, varying degrees of swelling, bruising and firmness subside over several weeks to months. Sutures (stitches) are removed after seven days. Patients can generally return to work after several days to one week. Light exercise may begin after four to six weeks. A support bra is generally worn for two to three months following the surgery and is encouraged as much as possible thereafter to maintain the contour. Recovery and healing will vary from patient to patient and depend on the extent of the surgery. It must also be remembered that complete healing takes time and patience, taking up to one year or longer before realizing the final results of the surgery. It can take this amount of time for scars to soften, lighten and fade and for the breast tissue to soften, relax and remodel itself. The breasts will get slightly smaller and descend to a certain extent as swelling subsides and the effects of gravity and tissue relaxation act on the newly tightened skin envelope. Most patients find this beneficial in that the breasts look more natural over time. The ability to breast-feed after breast reduction is generally preserved, but cannot be guaranteed.

Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery Complications

As with most cosmetic surgical procedures, complications are unlikely when performed by a skilled and competent surgeon. Complications include, but are not limited to, anesthesia risks, bleeding, infection, tissue loss, delayed wound healing with obvious wide and/or raised scars, numbness, altered nipple sensation, asymmetry in breasts and/or areolas and need for revisional surgery. Capsular contracture or, hardening of the scar tissue around the implant, is a potential complication if implants are placed.

Venodyne calf compression devices are used for every breast surgery (as well as other surgeries). Venodynes are pressure cuffs that fit over each lower leg from the ankle to the knee circulating every one to two minutes to reduce the pooling of blood in the lower extremities and further reduce the possibility of blood clots or emboli. Also smokers must stop smoking well in advance of surgery. Smoking seriously decreases blood circulation in the skin, which increases the risks of complications and poor healing.

Rest assured that Dr Gershenbaum will do everything he can to make your procedure(s) and experience truly rewarding. In the unlikely event of a complication or a result that is less than desirable, Dr Gershenbaum will do all with in his power, to work towards a result that you can be proud of.

In order to best avoid the complications, follow Dr Gershenbaum’s instructions carefully during the recovery process and contact your surgeon with any issues or questions that might arise.

Dr Gershenbaum is highly experienced in breast asymmetry correction surgery and has been performing these surgeries for many years. Dr Gershenbaum will work with each individual patient to help them achieve their desired results. If you have any breast asymmetry questions, please schedule a consultation today.

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