Neck Lift

Neck Lift Surgery Before & After Photo – Case 111

67 year old woman from Miami 3 months after chin implant, and neck lift performed by Dr. Sam Gershenbaum. The chin implants adds to the dramatic improvement in facial proportions and the strength of the jawline. Note also that the implants has smoothed out the wrinkled appearance of the chin.


Neck Lift Surgery Before & After Photo – Case 112

32 year old female from Miami, Florida 7 months after neck lift and micro liposuction of jowls performed by Dr Sam Gershenbaum. This young lady was unhappy with her neck and jawline and requested a dramatic improvement. She underwent a micro liposuction of the prominent jowls and a formal neck lift. A small chin implant was recommended as well, but she decided against that procedure. Overall, she has the dramatic improvement she was looking for. She has a strong jawline, improved neck contours and an overall younger appearance, and couldn’t be happier with her results.


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