Arm Lift

Arm Lift

Many men and woman suffer from excess and sagging skin and fat on the undersides of their upper arms.  Causes can range from any combination of fluctuations in weight, heredity,  aging  and  loss of skin elasticity. This loose and hanging skin and fat cannot be corrected through exercise. Arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to remove the extra sagging skin and fat of the upper arm allowing a more defined and shapely contour.

his surgical procedure will leave a scar extending generally from the armpit to the elbow, and is reserved for cases in which liposculpture alone will not suffice. Much of the problem stems from the sheer weight of the fat in a loose skin envelope, which allows excessive bowing and sagging. By dramatically reducing the fat and the weight of that fat evenly under the skin, there will be, in most, a dramatic contraction of the skin. Taking into account the amount of sagging skin and fat of the upper arm, as well as the requests and expectations of the patient, Dr Gershenbaum will often discuss performing only his defining  liposculpture as he has been able on many patients to reduce dramatically the amount of fat and effect excellent skin contraction, thus avoiding the scar.

any patients are very happy with a dramatic reduction and improvement in shape and accept a bit of skin laxity instead of the long scar. Others, however, request a dramatic reduction and the firmest possible result and are willing to accept the scar in the arm lift / brachioplasty procedure.

One should be wary of procedures that promise to correct the prominent fat and sagging skin of the upper arm by excising skin through the armpit only. Although it sounds nice to have a scar placed only in the armpit, it will not properly reduce the problem of the skin laxity and sagging and will very often result in an unacceptably wide and unsightly scar.

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