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SkinCeutical Treatments

Receive the ultimate antioxidant protection and rescue your skin from free radical damage to your skin, by entering into the world of Vitamin C. Reverse sun damage and stimulate your own collagen and elasticity, leaving skin exfoliated and tight! Vitamin C… a necessary vitamin in your skincare regiment for the healthiest skin.

Vitamin C $ 125 ~ 30% Gel Peel Acne
Facial $ 110 ~ 30% Gel Peel $90

Oxygen Botanical Facial

Whether you’ve had a chemical peel, a microdermabrasion or photo facial, your skin needs assistance with the healing process. The Oxygen Botanical treatment is the answer by allowing the skin to rebuild new skin cells. Light Lymphatic Drainage massage, exfoliating enzymes, along with hydrating serums and antioxidants vitamins are infused through pure oxygen to deliver maximum healing power. This is an excellent facial for those who have had facial surgery or suffer from Rosacea.

Oxygen Facial $110 Acne Enzyme Facial $135
Oxygen-Microderm $155

Classic Facial $85

Enjoy a cleansing massage under a light steam, along with an invigorating scrub to prep the skin for mild extractions and a calming mask. Relaxing and purification of the skin is what you shall receive!

Boot Camp Facial $200

This facial is everything your skin needs to get into shape! With a cleansing massage, a 30% salycilic/mandelic or glycolic/Lactic peel and diamond-microdermabrasion for double exfoliation. This is followed by serum phto + with cucumber and thyme to calm the skin, and kojic acid to naturally bleach hyperpigmentation. Next the skin is massaged under steam to stimulate drainage while aromatherapy and music transport your senses to absolute tranquility. All of this prepares your pores for gentle extractions. The grand finale is when oxygen and serums are infused into your skin accelerating the healing process and is followed by a mask to seal in everything. Prepare to GLOW!!

Diamond Tome Microdermabrasion

This is the ultimate skin buffer with immediate results. The Diamond tome Microdermabrasion is the latest in spas worldwide, and is particle free and causes less irritation to the skin rather than the older versions of this treatment.

You’ll see a noticeable difference along with fewer wrinkles and less hyper pigmentation!

Single Treatment $ 130 ~ Series of 5 $ 500…with Oxygen $600

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