Calf Implants Recovery

Calf Implants Recovery

Recovery after Calf Implants

Following the surgery, patients generally report mild to moderate discomfort, which is easily controlled with medication. Varying degrees of swelling, bruising and firmness subside in the days and weeks ahead. The first 24-48 hours after surgery consist of bed rest with the legs elevated to reduce swelling. Short walks to the bathroom and other short distances are permitted. The patient is seen for an intial follow up appointment one or two days after surgery and again one week later. Showering is permitted after the first post-operative visit.

There are usually no sutures to remove as dissolvable sutures are placed below the skin surface to help avoid hatch marks and optimize healing. Ace wraps are exchanged for heavy above the knee support hose on the first or second visit -to be worn for 6 to 8 weeks. After 48 hours, light walking is encouraged, with more routine walking and activities progressing in the first and second week. Normal walking and non-strenuous activities usually start at three weeks after surgery, but can vary. Strenuous activity such as bicycling, jogging and leg exercises must be avoided for eight weeks to allow more complete healing around the implant, which prevents shifting and displacement. The skin will begin to stretch, relax and lose its shiny appearance in two to four weeks. Complete healing takes time and patience, taking up to one year. It can take this long for scars to soften and fade. Follow up appointments will be scheduled periodically up to one year post-operatively, and annually thereafter.

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