Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift – Miami, Florida

Buttock augmentation with your own fat is yet another approach to add fullness, projection and shape to the under projected or flat buttock area. Also known as the Brazilian butt lift (BBL), this procedure involves a selective “gentle” liposuction technique, harvesting fat from those areas around the buttocks that tend to hide a more desirable shape and then transferring the fat into the proper areas of the buttocks in multiple layers. Harvesting the excess fat from the sides, above, below, and around the buttocks first enhances the curves and projection prior to the micro fat transfer and makes for an even more shapely derriere. Liposculpture and fat harvesting for buttock augmentation can use excess fat from numerous other areas including the abdomen, back, hips, waist, thighs, knees, and arms as needed. See Brazilian Butt Lift Before & After Photos here.

Brazilian Butt Lift Before & After Photos

Many women find an imbalance between the size of their breasts in front and an under projected or flat buttocks in back. Both men and women alike know how nearly impossible it is to shape their bottoms with diet and exercise alone. The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) can fill up deflated tushes or simply enlarge the buttocks for those who desire. See All Body Procedures here.

Buttock Augmentation vs. Implants

There are two different methods of buttock augmentation, buttock implants, or butt augmentation with micro fat grafting. Fat augmentation of the buttocks has become the preferred choice for gluteal enhancement due to a lower complication rate and much easier recovery. Using your own body fat is very appealing as there is no implant, no chance of rejection, and no chance of capsular contracture, and no chance of “slipping” or shifting out of proper position. Not everyone is a candidate, however, for this procedure as there must be a significant amount of excess fat available for harvesting and micro injecting. For those without enough excess fat to transfer, gluteal implants can be placed.

Dr. G’s Process

Dr. Gershenbaum has been successfully performing micro fat grafting for years. As the demand for more shapely bottoms skyrockets, these same techniques have been adapted to augment and shape the buttocks for those who are good candidates. The key to success with any fat augmentation procedure is micro fat grafting or transfer. Fat is harvested using a low-pressure gentle liposuction method, processed and transferred into small syringes connected to micro canulas of 1.5 to 2 mm in diameter. Each syringe of fat requires multiple passes, placing thousands of bead like droplets of fat cells into multiple layers of tissues and in multiple directions through these micro canulas. These small bead-like droplets of fat can establish a new blood supply more easily than a larger mass of fat. Micro fat transfer starts within deep layers of the muscle, in an interlacing fashion, and works slowly toward the superficial fat layers just under the skin. Layering these small droplets of fat essentially one by one, allows for the best blood circulation to the fat cells and maximizes fat cell survival producing smooth, rounded contour and the best results. For example, a transfer having micro fat augmentation of the buttocks of 500 cc for each side will require nearly three thousand passes of the micro canulae. This takes time and patience with an average procedure requiring 4-6 hours. Not all of the fat will survive, some will be reabsorbed. No surgeon can accurately predict exactly how much fat will survive; however, it is believed that what remains after three months will remain permanently

A Healthy, Natural Looking Backside

Micro fat augmentation of the buttocks will not result in lumps and bumps and will not cause cellulite. Actually fat has been used for years to correct irregularities and deformities of various parts of the body including the buttocks. Adding fat volume to the buttocks will look and feel completely natural as well as improve contour as is it has done in the face by experienced surgeons for years. It is our experience that the vast majority of patients will have successful results with fat survival. One thing is for sure, sculpting the buttocks by removing fat from the proper areas around and adding volume to the buttocks will certainly improve the contour, shape and curves no matter how much fat actually survives. The combination of selective liposculpture and fat augmentation will produce a leaner look and shapelier butt!

Brazillian Butt Lift Surgery

The Operation

Brazilian Butt Lift Miami

Micro fat augmentation of the butt, otherwise known as the Brazilian butt lift (BBL), is performed in our out patient facility under general anesthesia. This procedure will generally take 4-6 hours. Additional liposculpture beyond what is necessary for the buttock enhancement can add one to two additional hours. In front of a full-length mirror, the areas for liposculpture and fat harvest are outlined as well as the areas for the micro fat transfer to the glutes. After speaking with the anesthetist/anesthesiologist, the patient is brought to the operating room. After asleep, the tumescent anesthetic solution combined with a medication that shrinks blood vessels and capillaries to reduce bleeding is instilled. Next, gentle low vacume pressure liposculpture is performed through tiny incisions to obtain the amount of quality fat necessary for augmentation. Selected areas of excess fat that will enhance the overall shape and curves of the butt are suctioned first.

With the liposculpture complete, the fat is washed and excess fluid and oils are removed. An antibiotic solution is added to the fat in addition to intravenous antibiotics given at the start of the procedure. The fat is next transferred into small syringes and one by one; long beads of fat droplets are injected into the deep layers of the muscle in a multi-directional and interlacing fashion through the micro canulas. Slowly, layer-by-layer the micro fat transfer continues through the muscle then above the muscle, progressing into the deep fat until the layer just under the skin is reached. A dramatic change on the one side can be seen as the second side is completed in a symmetrical fashion, tailored to each individual’s specifications. The average micro fat augmentation procedure will range from 200 cc to 600 cc on each side. Special silicone backed foam is placed over suctioned areas to reduce bruising and swelling and a compression garment is applied.

Brazillian Butt Lift Miami

A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that is designed to reshape and enhance the size of the buttocks. This procedure can provide a patient with a more attractive, prominent rear end that better fits his or her figure. Dr. Sam Gershenbaum is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Miami, FL. He frequently performs body enhancement and aesthetic procedures to provide individuals with the body, and facial characteristics they desire.

Diet and Exercise Are Not Very Effective in Shaping the Buttocks

Using diet and exercise to improve the shape of the buttocks is nearly impossible. For this reason, many men and women choose to have a buttock augmentation procedure with Dr. G at his surgery center in Miami.

A Gluteal Enhancement with Dr. Gershenbaum in Miami

Dr. G offers individuals in and around Miami with two different gluteal enhancement techniques. With one technique, he uses a buttock implant to produce the fuller effect a patient desires; the other technique he performs is the Brazilian butt lift, which is now the preferred choice for gluteal enhancement. During a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. G uses the patient’s own fat (harvested from other areas of the body) to enhance his or her buttocks. This technique is referred to as micro fat grafting.

Why People Choose to Have a Buttock Augmentation

A woman may choose to have a buttock augmentation because she notices an imbalance between the size of her buttocks and the size of her breasts. This imbalance may cause her to dislike her body profile. Men also choose to have buttock augmentations to attain the fuller buttocks they have always wanted.

A Brazilian butt lift or buttock implant can improve an individual’s profile by enlarging the buttocks or by inflating deflated-looking buttocks.

The Reasons a Brazilian Butt Lift is Frequently Preferred Over Buttock Implant Surgery

Enhancing the buttocks through fat augmentation is preferred over the use of buttock implants because an implant can shift or slip out of its original position, scar tissue may form around the implant (capsular contracture) or the body itself may reject the implant.

A Brazilian butt lift offers a lower complication rate, patients enjoy an easier recovery, there are no concerns related to capsular contracture and the body rarely rejects its own harvested fat.

Unfortunately, not every individual is considered an ideal candidate for a Brazilian butt lift. For example, an individual who has very little excess fat on his or her body will require gluteal implants to achieve a fuller looking buttock.

A Brazilian Butt Lift: What This Procedure Can Accomplish

Over the years, the buttocks naturally begin to show signs of aging, one of which is droopy looking buttocks. Furthermore, some people have a flat or under projected looking derrière: All three of these characteristics can be addressed by Dr. G at his surgery center in Miami.

The Ideal Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift

The perfect candidate for a micro fat transfer Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Gershenbaum at his surgery center in Miami are individuals who:

  • have realistic goals;
  • are in excellent health; and
  • have excess fat in other areas of the body that Dr. G can use for transfer.

An Overview of a Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Gershenbaum in Miami

During this procedure, fat from other parts of the patient’s body is gently removed through liposuction and then used to improve the shape, fullness, and projection of the buttocks.

First, to enhance the projection and the curves of the patient’s buttocks, Dr. G harvests excess fat from the areas surrounding the buttocks (above, below and on each side).

Other areas that Dr. Gershenbaum uses Liposculpture and harvests excess fat from include the patient’s:

  • abdomen;
  • hips;
  • waist;
  • knees;
  • back;
  • thighs; and
  • arms.

Once Dr. G harvests the fat, it is purified and then transferred into the areas of the buttocks that require attention. To ensure optimal results, the fat is injected into the buttocks at various depths.

An Initial Consultation for a Buttock Augmentation in Miami

During an initial consultation, patients need to provide Dr. Gershenbaum with details related to their medical history.

This information should include:

  • Any current medications (dosage and frequency taken), herbal supplements and vitamins the patient is taking.
  • Detailed information related to drug and/or latex allergies (i.e., drug name and allergic reaction experienced).
  • All previous surgeries and/or medical treatments.
  • Medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, etc.
  • Dr. Gershenbaum will want to know what characteristics of his or her derrière the patient would like to change with a buttock augmentation.
  • Each patient is unique, therefore, Dr. G will most likely examine the patient’s buttocks at this time: If Dr. Gershenbaum believes that he can accomplish the patient’s desired changes with a Brazilian butt lift, he may make a recommendation as to what the patient’s treatment plan could entail.
  • Dr. Gershenbaum might want to take pictures to keep in the patient’s file. He may use these pictures as a reference to create the detailed plan for the patient’s Brazilian butt lift. These photos may also be used for comparison purposes following the patient’s procedure.

Preparing for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Healing well is first-and-foremost the most important aspect following any surgical procedure. For this reason, patients should not smoke for at least 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after their butt lift. Patients also need to avoid secondary smoke during these times. The chemicals found in tobacco can increase the chance of complications, some of which include excess bleeding and how well the injected fat settles within the newly contoured areas.

In addition, certain medications, foods, vitamins and herbal supplements must be avoided for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. Patients can find a list of the items to avoid on this website.

Create an At-Home Recovery Area

Every patient should take the time to prepare for his or her return home following a Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Gershenbaum. By creating a recovery area at home, patients are able to rest and recover in a tranquil environment.

Patients should select an area of their home where they can lie on their stomach or side comfortably. In addition, he or she needs to choose a place where items can be within easy reach. For example, a patient may choose to lie on his or her couch with a TV tray at the end of the couch where he or she is resting the head.

Some items that should be readily available on the TV tray include:

  • Television/Satellite/Cable remote controls (extra batteries)
  • A cell phone and its charger or a house phone connected to a landline
  • Facial tissues
  • Baby wipes
  • Approved medications
  • Healthy snacks that are already prepared to eat – fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, granola bars, etc.
  • A trash can
  • Beverages in a cooler with loose ice and ice packs
  • Disposable cups, plates/bowls and silverware
  • Items to pass the time – a book to read, laptop and charger

Additionally, patients need to create a list of the things that need to be completed prior to their Brazilian butt lift. Making meals ahead of time or purchasing meals that just need to be heated in the microwave is a good idea. Patients may want to invest in a cushioned toilet seat prior to their procedure.

Patients who have small children and/or pets should ask someone that they trust to care for these family members as they recover. Furthermore, Dr. G would like his patients to have someone available to stay with them or visit and care for them as they recover from their buttock augmentation for the first week; however, if that is not possible, he recommends that his patients ask someone to stay with them for no less than the first 24-hours following their Brazilian butt lift.

A Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Gershenbaum – The Procedure

A Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient procedure. Since patients receive anesthesia during their procedure, they will not be permitted to drive themselves home, therefore, patients need to arrive at the surgery center with a licensed driver on the day of their Brazilian butt lift.

A Brazilian butt lift can take up to 6 hours and the length of time this procedure lasts depends on the changes Dr. Gershenbaum is making for the patient.

1. Anesthesia is Administered

When Dr. G performs Brazilian butt lifts at his surgery center in Miami, patients are given medications so they stay asleep throughout their procedure.

2. Creating the Incisions

Tiny incisions are created. These incisions are strategically placed and used to insert the cannula and collect the fat that will be transferred to the patient’s buttocks.

3. Harvesting the Fat for Transfer

Dr. Gershenbaum uses a low-pressure, gentle liposuction technique to remove excess fat from the areas surrounding the buttocks. At this time, he may also collect fat from other areas of the patient’s body.

4. The Collected Fat is Processed

Once collected, the fat is processed and transferred into small syringes. These syringes are connected to micro cannulas (tubes). The sizes of these cannulas range from 1.5 to 2mm in diameter.

5. Small Incisions Are Created in Specific Areas of the Buttocks

Tiny incisions are created in the buttocks. These incisions are used to transfer the harvested and processed fat.

6. Dr. G Injects the Fat Cells

To re-contour the buttocks, Dr. G gently makes multiple passes as he deposits fat cells in specific areas of the patient’s buttocks. The fat cells, which resemble bead-like droplets, are injected into multiple layers of tissue. Furthermore, while injecting these tiny fat cells, Dr. Gershenbaum moves the cannula in various directions. Transferring small, bead-like droplets of fat as opposed to a larger fat mass makes it easier for the injected fat to establish a new blood supply.

The Transfer Technique

Initially, Dr. Gershenbaum starts transferring the fat within the deeper layers of the muscle. He uses an interlacing technique as he moves slowly toward the superficial layers of fat just beneath the skin. By layering the fat droplets one by one, Dr. G maximizes the potential for fat cell survival. In addition, this type of transfer allows for the fat cells to receive the best blood circulation possible; thus, reducing the likelihood of the body reabsorbing these cells. By maximizing the potential for fat cell survival following injection, once complete, patients will have a buttocks with the smooth, rounded contour they desire.

7. Results

Not all of the fat cells that Dr. Gershenbaum transfers will survive and there is no way for any surgeon to accurately predict the amount of fat that will remain viable following transfer, however, most plastic and reconstructive surgeons believe that the amount of fat that remains 3 months post-op will remain permanently.

Micro fat augmentation does not cause the formation of bumps and lumps. Moreover, a Brazilian butt lift does not cause cellulite to form. Micro fat augmentation should be performed by an experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon like Dr. Gershenbaum. His experience, technical skills and artistic vision allow him to provide his patients with optimal fat survival: Thus, ensuring the best results possible are attained.

A Natural-Looking, Shapely Derrière and Improved Body Contour

Adding volume to the buttocks through a Brazilian butt lift results in a completely natural-looking, shapely derrière. During a Brazilian butt lift, patients receive the added benefit of improved contour in the areas where fat was harvested.

8. Recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami

Directly following surgery, patients receive a special compression garment: This garment supports the tissue of the buttocks as the patient heals.

Patients should expect to experience some swelling, pain, bruising and soreness. Dr. Gershenbaum will inform patients which medications they can take to remain comfortable while they heal.

For approximately 2 weeks following their Brazilian butt lift (BBL), patients should avoid sitting for long periods of time. This is a very important aspect of the healing process because placing pressure on the buttocks too soon can cause more of the transferred fat to be reabsorbed by the body or the fat may become displaced. If a patient must sit, he or she needs to sit on a cushioned or padded surface. Hard surfaces (i.e., benches, bleachers, wooden chairs, etc.) should be avoided.

How Long Will the Results of a Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

Following a successful Brazilian butt lift (BBL), the fat that was transferred will remain there for the rest of the patient’s life. However, just like the rest of the body, the fat will age. One of the best ways to maintain the results accomplished through a buttock augmentation with Dr. Gershenbaum is to follow a healthy lifestyle that includes an exercise routine.

Returning to Work

As long as their job does not require rigorous physical activity, the majority of patients are able to return to work within 2 weeks. After approximately 2 months, patients have usually fully recovered and are no longer experiencing pain, bruising, inflammation or soreness.

Dr. Sam Gershenbaum is a world-renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Miami. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Gershenbaum, the various procedures available at Dr. G Cosmetic Surgery in Miami or to schedule an initial consultation, please contact the office today at (305) 933-1838 or through our online contact form. We look forward to meeting you!