Pectoral Implant Surgery

Pectoral Implants Surgery

Surgery for Pec Implants
Pectoral implant surgery is usually performed in our outpatient facility using general anesthesia. Local anesthesia, with intravenous sedation, may also be used in certain circumstances. This surgical procedure takes approximately one and one-half hours to perform. The surgical plan, including implant placement and lines of incisions, is outlined prior to surgery.

Once the patient is asleep, an incision is made, approximately four centimeters in length, in the natural crease of the hair-bearing skin of the armpit. A “pocket” or space is created under each pectoral muscle of the chest corresponding to the planned outline on the skin, which was marked prior to surgery.

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The solid silicone pectoral implants are then inserted. The table back is elevated and adjustments in implant placement are made, as necessary. Before closure, a long acting anesthetic is poured around the implants, which dramatically reduces postoperative discomfort. The incision is closed with sutures below the level of the skin to avoid cross-hatching and suture marks. Liposuction, or any other planned procedure, is then performed. At the conclusion of surgery, a light dressing and elastic compression garment is applied over the surgical area.

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