Buttock Implant Surgery

Buttock Implant Surgery

This surgical procedure is performed in our state-of-the-art out patient facility under general anesthesia. Epidural (spinal) anesthesia may also be used at times. This surgical procedure takes approximately one and one-half to two hours to perform. Liposculpture and/or lifting procedures can add an additional one to three hours or longer. The surgical plan, including implant placement and liposculpture, is outlined prior to surgery. While in the sitting position, it must be assured that the implant is positioned above the weight-bearing area. After speaking with the anesthetist/anesthesiologist, the patient is brought to the operating room. After asleep, local nerve blocks, combined with a medication that shrinks blood vessels and capillaries to reduce any bleeding, are instilled.

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A 5 to 7 cm incision is made vertically in the midline between the upper aspect of the buttocks. A “pocket” or space is created under each gluteal muscle of the buttocks corresponding to the plan outlined on the skin. The implants are then inserted. Prior to the closure, a long acting anesthetic is poured around the implants, which dramatically reduces post-operative discomfort. The incision is closed with sutures below the level of the skin to avoid cross hatching and suture marks.

Liposculpture, if planned, is then performed, corresponding to the areas outlined on the skin, for further enhancement and definition. (see liposculpture under “procedures”)

A buttock-thigh lift is reserved for more extreme cases of excessive drooping of the buttocks and can be performed in conjunction with buttock (gluteal) implants (see buttock-thigh lift under “procedures”). Other times, for excessive sagging along the buttock folds, simple local skin excision can be performed with the incision/scar following the crease below. These two additional procedures are reserved for more extreme cases, with the understanding that more extensive scarring will result.

At the conclusion of surgery a light dressing and an elastic compression garment is applied over the surgical areas.

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