Brazillian Butt Lift Recovery

Brazillian Butt Lift Recovery

The Recovery Period

After surgery, patients will experience some swelling and soreness/pain around the surgical areas easily controlled with oral medications. There is generally only minimal discomfort in the buttock area. Patients may sit one to two days after surgery on a soft, full pillow, however should avoid sitting for extended periods. The foam pads come off in 3-4 days at which time the patient may shower. We recommend continued use of the pillow for approximately 2 weeks. Depending on the extent of the liposuction and augmentation procedure the patient can generally return to work within one week. The compression garment must be worn for two to four weeks depending on the extent of the procedure. It generally takes no more time to recover from fat augmentation of the buttocks as it does to recover from liposculpture. People generally feel back to normal after approximately four weeks at which time exercise may be started.

It must be remembered that complete healing takes time and patience, taking several months before realizing the final results. After this procedure, the buttocks will swell to varying degrees and slowly subside. This should not be confused with the transferred fat being absorbed; it is a natural part of the healing process. It is generally believed that what remains after three months is the indication of what will remain. Patients from out of town are required to stay a minimum of one week barring any complications.

As with most cosmetic surgical procedures, complications are unlikely when performed by a skilled and competent surgeon. Complications include, but are not limited to anesthesia risks, bleeding, infection, fluid accumulation under the skin which may need to be drained, nerve damage, poor healing and unsatisfactory scars. Also possible is asymmetry, under correction/poor fat transplant survival. Also rare, but possible, are blood clots or emboli (blood clots which dislodge and travel in the blood steam to distant sites) which can be fatal.

At Aventura Center for Cosmetic Surgery, Venodyne calf compression devices are used for every buttock (gluteal) surgery (and all other surgeries). Venodynes are pressure cuffs that fit over each lower leg from the ankle to the knee circulating every one to two minutes to reduce the pooling of blood in the lower extremities and further reduce the possibility of blood clots or emboli. In addition, smokers must stop smoking well in advance of surgery. Smoking seriously decreases blood circulation in the skin, which increases the risk of complications and poor healing.


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